Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course Pranayama & Breathwork

with YACEP certificate – CE hours 35 HOURS

Ancient Indian Pranayama techniques & modern Breathwork

date: starting 21 January 2024
duration course: 2,5 weeks


Embark on a meaningful journey with our yoga teacher training on January 21, 2024, guided by experienced teachers, Jane Bakx and Ilse-Marie Sobering.
This isn’t your typical training—it’s a dive into the heart of mastering and sharing profound breathing techniques, unraveling the essence of breathwork.

This training is hands-on and real. Engage in practice sessions to craft your own breathwork routine, gaining practical insights that go beyond theory.

Join us for an authentic experience that empowers you to infuse mindful breathing into your daily life and teaching. Your transformative path starts here.



What are you going to learn?

Your breath is THE KEY to physical and mental well-being.

If you know how to breathe properly, you can boost energy your energy, relieve pain, and transform your life.

In this training you dive into the science behind breathing, you create your own strong breathwork routine and you learn how to safely teach others breathwork.

You  dive into the power of breath.  You will understand how the breath influences us and can change the state of the body.

We will talk about Prana (life-force energy) and the different types of prana and how to influence them with your breath.

You will learn more on the anatomy of breathing: we will dive into the working of the respiratory system, the muscles of breathing, nervous system (parasympathetic NS versus sympathetic NS) and heart rate.

You will learn more about homeostasis, hyperventilation and what happens to your brain when breathing..

How do you teach Pranayama and breathwork (in general)

Learn more about the benefits and contraindications of the various breathing techniques

Understand the difference between subtle versus strong breathing practices

Self Practice!!  With breathing techniques it is really important that you know how it works and that you feel the benefits. You will work on creating a daily breathing routine.

And you will practice the breathing techniques together.  You will be able to practice teaching amongst  other students in small groups (in Break-out rooms live online)

I loved this course!

I recently participated in a great in-depth online 30h breathwork course with Jane and Ilse. Wonderful teachers full with valuable knowledge and wisdom they shared with us. Normally I would prefer courses in person. However for now was it perfect to still participate in the course at my own pace and still feeling connected to the group and Ilse and Jane.

I would recommend this if you are looking for an easy approachable course to get more in depth with your own practice or if you are interested in teaching breath work to others.

Jorijn vriesendorp

Thank you

I would like to thank you for all the great work you have put into the course. The course exceeds my expectations in terms of content, presentation, knowledge and structure.

Although I had promised myself not to do online courses or training anymore, this course is really worth it.

Many thanks.


Isabel di Fede

More about Jane & Ilse

The teachers

I host and teach this training together with Jane Bakx who is an experienced E-500RYT Yoga Teacher.

We have been hosting a lot of teacher training courses together over the last 5 years. We have hosted teacher training courses in The Netherlands in Spain and online.

”The perfect duo!” This is the feedback we get every single time we teach a yoga teacher training together.

Our students say we complement each other so well, we are the perfect Yin & Yang, a good balance between heart energy and being grounded.

I like working with Jane. Jane knows so much about anatomy, alignment and the practical part of teaching. I love teaching about philosophy, energy, pranayama and meditation. This makes us a great team.

Ilse-Marie Sobering 

Spiritueel (Business) Mentor, International Yoga & Meditation Teacher E-RYT 500, EFT Practicioner, Energy Healer & Mindfulness en Breathwork Trainer

I am Ilse I am passionate about energy, how our brain works, about heart intelligence, the connection between your brain and your heart.

I have specialized in working with energy, manifestation, the power of breathing, meditation, Yoga Nidra & hypnosis.

Studying, learning new things and implementing them makes me very happy. Especially about ancient wisdom combined with contemporary science and research. And my great passion is to share the things I’ve learned with you

Pranayama & Breathwork

For me learning more about the power of your own breath really changed my life!! I really think that if you know how to work with your breath, that it can really change your life.

Since I have started with yoga, I have always been drawn to the ancient pranayama techniques and the more modern adaptations of those techniques that we now call “breathwork” . I always include them in the classes that I teach and over the years I have studied a lot on the breath. Breathwork & Meditation became my favorite topics to teach. Therefore I am very excited about this training!

Via House Of InnerPower you can follow various training courses, both online, in Spain and in the Netherlands and Belgium.

I did a Yin Yoga TT with Ilse and the Yoga Nidra Training Course and can absolutely recommend it! Ilse has a huge knowledge of Yoga and she is a really go0d teacher!
Even in this special times, where the training could only be hold online, she managed to create a beautiful atmosphere and connection in the course. If there is any other training with Ilse in the future I will do it ! ????
Alexandra Miebach / Yoga Teacher, Germany
Learn from the best' is what they say. And so I did!
Ilse is a down to earth spiritual guide.
She knows a lot about all the different facets of yoga & meditation. And she's passionate to share all her knowledge.
For me it uplifted the complete yoga experience
Julia  Persijn / Yoga Teacher The Netherlands
Ilse is such a warm and open-hearted woman, so encouraging and conscious, so funny and true, that it was a real pleasure and big inspiration to attend her philosophy lessons and the meditation, pranayama and asana classes.
To me she really managed to make this whole spiritual part of yoga somewhat tangible and also fun and I feel that I now understand so much more what yoga actually is and what benefits it has for my life as a student as well as a teacher.
If you ever have the chance to attend one of Ilse's retreats, classes or trainings please do so and experience her unique female guru energy.
Tatjana Niederpruem / Yoga Teacher Germany

Jane Bakx

Yoga, Meditation & Breath Teacher 500 E-RYT

Jane is an E-RYT500 yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance certified) from the Netherlands. She lived most of her life in Amsterdam and worked as a producer in advertising. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over 5 years. After her two yoga studies (both in India), she decided to leave her job in advertising and follow her heart and passion for yoga full-time. Since then she has been teaching all over the world and organizing yoga teacher training courses and retreats. Jane’s home base is now on Bonaire, a small island in the Caribbean Netherlands.
Yoga for Jane is mainly about connecting with yourself; with your body, mind and heart. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body more. The focus in Jane’s classes is therefore on making that connection with yourself and at the same time on gaining strength and flexibility.
She mainly teaches Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga. Both styles in her own way. In her Vinyasa classes you move quite slow so that you can really get into the poses, feel your body and build a lot of strength. During the Yin classes you go deep inside.
Jane also has an enormous passion for the human body, anatomy and physiology. You will notice this in her instructions during her yoga classes. During the teacher training courses it is very clear too as Jane is  super happy to share her passion and teach her students everything about the human body, related to yoga, in an enthusiastic, clear and fun way.


Course details


You will learn more about:

  • Respiratory system
  • Muscles of breathing
  • Connection breath
  • Nervous system (parasympathetic NS versus sympathetic NS)
  • Heart rate.
  • Homeostasis
  • Hyperventilation
  • Brain.
  • Vagus nerve
  • General benefits and contraindications of pranayama.

In the philosopy sessions we will discuss:

  • Prana (life-force energy)
  • Various types of energy connected with our breath
  • Vayus and how to stimulate and calm them
  • Koshas concept and how it realtes to the breath
  • Mindfulness and the power of awareness
  • Why do we practice Pranayama?
  • The ultimate aim of yoga

  • How do you teach Pranayama (in general) or how to practice it yourself
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • Around 10 traditional pranayamas (Indian yoga)
  • Subtle versus strong breathing practices
  • Modern breathwork techniques
  • Practice teaching amongst students (in Break-out rooms live online)

Extra bonus topics:

  • Stress management
  • Connecting to the body
  • Breath and Yoga asana practice

How is the course built up?

The curriculum of our breathwork course includes the following:

  • 20 hours yoga technique, training, and practice

  • 7 hours teaching methodology

  • 4 hours anatomy and physiology

  • 4 hours yoga philosophy


This transformative training is crafted with the following individuals in mind:

  1. Mindfulness Practitioners, Medical Professionals, Teachers, Life Coaches, Bodyworkers, Therapists, and Healers:

    • Tailored for those eager to deepen their understanding and practice, seamlessly integrating braethwork into their professional toolkit.
  2. Qualified Yoga Teachers:

    • An ideal choice for yoga instructors aspiring to elevate their teaching prowess by immersing themselves in the transformative power of Pranayama.
  3. Yoga Alliance RYT-200/500 Teachers:

    • An outstanding opportunity for Yoga Alliance community teachers to accrue CEU hours, enriching their expertise and broadening their impact.
  4. Yoga Studios and Yoga School Owners:

    • Specifically designed for those committed to enhancing the quality of classes offered to their clients, ensuring a more holistic and enriching experience.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a dedicated professional in the wellness and yoga industry, this training promises a distinctive and all-encompassing opportunity for personal growth, professional development, and a profound journey into the world of breathwork.



Anyone can do breathwork, but since we teach many various techniques and some are not for everyone, I ask you to please contact me if you have any injuries, illnesses or doubts about your physical or mental abilities.

Yoga Alliance®

Yoga Alliance® 35 hour – International Recognized Certification for Continuous Education Our 35-hour online Pranayama course is registered with Yoga Alliance® USA. This is an international body that sets international standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Our course is recognized by Yoga Alliance as 35 hours of continuing training for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT).Upon completion of this course, students will receive a certificate from InnerPower Yoga and Jane Bakx Yoga for 35 hours of Pranayama / Breathwork training. When you are a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance®, you can add 35 hours to your total hours.

  • Benefits of our course set-up
  • 8 Live Zoom Sessions in 3 Weeks:

    • Engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and practice alongside your peers during our dynamic live sessions.
    • With 5 weekend Zoom sessions and 3 sessions on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, effortlessly blend your course commitments with your work routine.
  • 20 Pranayama Sessions On-Demand:

    • Kickstart your mornings with 20 Pranayama sessions available at your fingertips. Accessible through video, these sessions offer a perfect way to begin your day.
  • Time for Reflection and Review:

    • We understand the importance of absorbing information. Our course provides dedicated time for you to digest the content and revisit classes at your own pace.
  • Go at Your Own Pace:

    • Life is busy, and we respect that. Our course structure allows you the flexibility to progress through the material at a speed that suits your individual needs and schedule.
  • Continuous Mentor Support:

    • Throughout the entire course, your dedicated mentor is there for you. Receive guidance, support, and a personalized touch to enhance your learning journey.

Personal Contact



Concerned that an online training might lack a personal touch? We understand, and we’re committed to ensuring that’s not the case.

BEFORE – PRECARE: Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or WhatsApp with any questions about the course. Prior to the start of the training, we’ll host an online live video session featuring a welcome speech, introduction round, and Q&A.

DURING THE COURSE: A significant portion of the classes will take place through live online video sessions.

Here, you can ask direct questions, engage in chats, and interact with the group. We incorporate daily Q&A check-in moments. Throughout these live sessions, we allocate time for you to practice teaching with your fellow students via Zoom (Break-out rooms), fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Additionally, each student will have one of the teachers as a personal mentor, available for personal chats via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

AFTERCARE: Upon completion of the course, we’ll host an online live meeting for feedback and further Q&A. Even after the course concludes, you can always reach out to the teachers with any additional questions. Our groups are known for being highly supportive, and there’s often continued interaction and sharing among students post-course, which is both valuable and special.

More reasons to choose our training:

  • We are down-to-earth yogis who appreciate the spiritual side while making it practical.
  • We prefer working with small groups to provide ample personal attention.
  • Practice teaching with fellow students online.
  • Our sessions are not in a webinar-style with numerous students; instead, you get to ask questions and interact with the group.
  • Benefit from learning from two teachers who complement each other well, providing you with a broad range of knowledge.
  • One of the teachers will serve as your personal mentor.


DATES 2024:The course starts on 21 of January 2024

From  that day you can practice breathwork every day (short sessions, preferably in the morning) during the whole course

You do these breathwork practices with the help of pre-recorded videos.

Schedule course

DATES 2024:
Sunday 21 January – Wednesday 7 February

The opening session is on Sunday 21 January.
From Sunday 21 January, you will practice Pranayama every day (short to medium-long sessions, preferably in the morning) during the whole course (2,5 weeks). You do these Pranayama practices with the help of pre-recorded videos.
The last live online session is on Tuesday 7 February.

Schedule course (8 live online sessions)*:
Sunday 21 January: 16:30h – 19:00h CET (2,5h)
Tuesday 23 January: 19:30h – 21:30h CET (2h)
Saturday 27 January: 16:30h – 19:30h CET (3h)
Sunday 28 January: 16:30h – 19:30h CET (3h)
Tuesday 30 January: 19:30h – 21:30h CET (2h)
Saturday 3 February: 16:30h – 19:30h CET (3h)
Sunday 4 February: 16:30h – 19:30h CET (3h)
Wednesday 7 February: 19:30h – 21:30h CET (2h)

Times are in CET = Central European Time (Amsterdam, Netherlands)The live online sessions are also suitable for students in various time zones like Canada, USA, Africa and parts of Asia.If you are confused about what time it will be in your location, try the online time zone calculator.And remember you can also do this training by watching the recorded sessions in your own time.

Your investment:
Regular price: 595 EUR / 630 USD
Early bird deal: 545 EUR / 580 USD (until 15 December 2023)

You have the option to pay in 3 instalments of 210 euros or 225 dollar.

Please contact me for more info and the terms & conditions.

Price is included an extensive manual, to use during the training, and also as a guide for later reference after the course. We will send you the manual in digital form.

Book this training

Please send me an email or contact me via the contact form if you would like further information, have doubts or questions. Or use the button below to reserve your spot.


Live online sessions will be hosted via Zoom. It’s an easy set up, so no worries if you are not super technical. And we are always happy to help you if needed.


Sometimes you might want to use a prop, but don’t worry if you don’t have props at home. We can be creative. You can use a rolled-up or folded towel or small blanket, pillow or cushion and a book.

Yes, I would like to join!


You have created a strong breathwork practice routine for yourself  to calm, balance & energize your body and mind

You feel stronger, more empowered and energized

You will have more knowledge on the importance of the breath and how it can make a huge impact on your life.

You understand and can explain to others how the breath affects your physical body and how it affects your energy

You feel confident to teach others pranayama and breathwork exercises.

Yes, I would like to join!